Since bursting onto the scene 41 years ago, the Tour Voile has grown to become one of the major events on the sailing calendar. Every year in July, the Tour brings together male and female racers from France and abroad to compete in two types of events: nautical stadium and coastal raid courses.

Sailors from all classes of the sport spend 17 days locked in a fierce battle on seven different bodies of water to win the great summer classic that crowns the most well-rounded among them. Who will succeed Team Lorina Limonade – Golfe du Morbihan, the big winners of the 2018 edition with Quentin Delapierre at their helm? Find out in the Super Final in Nice on 21 July!


  • Competition:

A hectic pace, with no room for error. Every day brings a new challenge.

wo Acts with nothing but nautical stadium courses in Dunkirk and Nice.

A Super Final in Nice featuring the top 10 teams in the classification.

4 spinnakers for the leaders of each classification:

Blue: leader of the General Classification

Pink: leader of the U26 Classification

Green: leader of the Amateur Classification

Orange: leader of the Mixed Classification

Coloured buoys to mark the start and finish lines in the water:

Black and yellow chequered buoy: start line

Black and white chequered buoy: finish line


  • Base:

• Le Spot, where fans can come to cheer on the teams.

Launches and retrievals are commented live in Le Spot.

• A Spectator Zone on the edge of the water where fans can follow the races with live commentary and enjoy the music.

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