Prospecting Partners (PPT)

This tool is available for the Teams with the objective of helping them to find partners. The file is in a PPT format so the teams can customize it with their branding and colors.

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The Toolbox gathers in one document all the usefull information to set-up a TOUR VOILE project, as well as the complementary services for the Teams and their partners.

We remain at your disposal should you need complementary elements and /or discuss about your project and your sponsors research strategy :


Participatory Financing

You will find below a detailed document on participatory financing that can be a great help in a Team's project !

Logo Teams

TOUR VOILE 2018 Debrief

The Tour Voile 2018 debrief with media impacts

Best-Of Photos Tour Voile 2018

Download photos here

TOUR VOILE 2018 videos

Download the TOUR VOILE 2018 videos (brand presentation, event route..) :
Login: TOURVOILE_presse


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