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A Town Takes Shape

Framed on each side by the highest cliffs in Normandy, Fécamp developed in a river valley. Although the development of the maritime area started before the French Revolution, it really expanded in the 19th century.

The Marité (1922), the last of the Newfoundlanders made of wood, still navigates. The Etoile (“Star”) and the Belle-Poule (“Beautiful Hen”), famous school schooners built in 1932 for the National Navy, are evidence of skilled workmanship of the Fécamp shipyards. Since 1984, the County of Seine-Maritime has entrusted the management of the Port Domain to the Fécamp Chamber of Commerce and Industry Fécamp – Bolbec.

The Town of Fécamp is on the historic routes of “Impressionist itineraries”, “William the Conqueror”, and “Norman Abbeys”, and belongs to a national network of Towns and Districts of Artistic and Historical Interest.

As a pleasure port: 800 rings of which75 are reserved for visitors, complemented since 2011 by 180 dry dock places.

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