The urban community of Dunkirk as the Big Start!

The start of the Tour Voile is a milestone for the inhabitants of Dunkirk ! For almost 20 years, the event has marked the start of the summer and of the tourist season !

A warm welcome from the audience and thousands of visitors that come to enjoy this great sporting event, for the pleasure of families and tourists coming from all accross the Région Hauts de France that has always supporte dit since its begginings.

The agglomeration benefits from a long sandbeach of more than 15 km along the Dunes de Frandre, and the new dock is perfect to welcome the competition and the sailors to the restaurants.

Dunkirk offers two major nautical stations: the Dunes of Flanders and Gravelines. With 15 kilometers of sea front, all nautical activities can be practiced: sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sand yachting ... with a view on the superb protected sand dunes. Many marinas offer more than a hundred spots in the city center docks or with direct access to the sea between Dunkirk and Gravelines.

Sailing competition plays also an important role since young seasoned sailors can join "Voile Ambition Dunkerque", pole of excellence supported by the Dunkirk Urban Community, the French Sailing Federation, the Dunes of Flanders and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Sailing League. Thus, a young crew 100% trained in Dunkirk will line up at the start of the Tour Voile which will be held at the urban community of Dunkirk, in front of Malo-les-Bains beach, for the 34th time!

The Tour Voile is part of the Urban Community of Dunkirk’s DNA !

The Tour Voile will be held juste before the spectacular Escales des Voiles de Légende, that will welcome exceptionnal big sailboats from the 6th to th 9th of August.

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