The 2020 edition of the Tour Voile has been cancelled

April 16 th 2020 - 13:50

The organisers of the Tour Voile have duly noted the decision made by the President of France to forbid the holding of events open to the public before mid-July at the earliest, as part of the necessary and high-priority fight against the COVID-19 world pandemic.

This effectively prevents the holding of the event’s 43rd edition on the scheduled dates, from 3rd to 19th July 2020, between Dunkirk and Nice.

After consultation with the local authorities, partners and crews on the event, who are all affected by the crisis, it emerged that it was unfortunately not possible to postpone the 2020 edition.

The Tour Voile is therefore regrettably compelled to cancel its 2020 edition.

The organisers of the Tour Voile would especially like to thank all the members of the event’s broader family – the local authorities, partners, crews, broadcasters, etc. – who had already been preparing for many months for this edition.

We look forward to welcoming them and all the event’s supporters in December for the presentation of the 2021 edition.

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