Water Family Values

July 11 th 2019 - 15:40

The Water Family are a sponsor of the Tour Voile 2019 and, as well as having a team entered,  Ocewood#waterfamily,  at each of the seven town stops they have a stand from which they promote the importance and value of water in our lives. It is a unique project on the Tour Voile.

It is a project which is well named. The Water Family operates as a closely knit, passionate and supportive unit which has stepped up their level of participation this year. The Water Family branding is on all the gennakers this year.

Since 2009 the he objective of the Water Family is to highlight the importance of preservation of water, the value of water to our own health and to that of the planet by promoting good practices. The association’s core message concerns invisible and hidden water, which represents 95 % of our daily water consumption through what we eat, what we own, what we do, how we travel... The Tour Voile project brings together three complementary groups: the Water Family, Océwood (an environmentally friendly brand, https://www.ocewood.fr/) and sailors, who are the first to witness the damage done by the way we consume.   

At all the Acts of the Tour Voile the Water Family runs an educational stand. "This' kids' space 'aims to educate future generations in different areas through small daily changes that will make the difference tomorrow," says Alice Potiron, team manager. "On our stand, we take the cycle of water by presenting the path of a drop of water from the mountain to the ocean. Children are told about industry, recreation, transportation, etc. They are told how to make natural cosmetics. We spoke with 370 children in Dunkerque and 500 in Fécamp! They are very receptive, we feel that something is happening and that they are becoming very much more aware. "

On the racing front side, the crew of the Diam 24od Océwood #Waterfamily has been changed this year. The two pillars of last year, Benjamin Dutreux and Thomas Cardrin, are still very involved in the project but remain on land.  On board the crew rotate and are four young guys who are passionate, committed and proud to promote the values ​​of the project. "The message of the Water Family has a lot of meaning for us, I really like to be associated with it," says Baptiste Hulin, who sails with Simon Bertheau. Pierre Boulbin and Thibault Julien.

They have made a decent start to the Tour. At the end of the Acts of Fécamp and Dunkirk, they were 6th overall and ranked 3rd in the Youth Ranking. In four days of Nautical Stadiums, they qualified three times in the Final. At sea and on land, the Tour Voile 2019 is a great success for the Water Family.

To learn more about the Water Family: https://waterfamily.org/

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