All eyes on Nice

July 22 nd 2018 - 11:15

After a gruelling seven-leg Tour comprising 14 race days and 13 late night and early morning assemblies and disassemblies of the boats and the race village, the big day, the grand finale, has arrived. The 26 crews have given it their all and have now been divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze Fleets according to their place in the overall classification, for their final day of competition on the waters off Nice.

Racing will start at 11.30 for the Bronze fleet, competing for 19th-26th place, and the Silver fleet fighting for 11th-18th place, and then the main show will commence. A single race will decide the fates of the top 10 boats who have qualified in the Gold fleet. While third place is mathematically assured for Team Reseau Ixio, the battles for the positions above and below them in the general rankings will be fierce. The points awarded are double in this decisive race and current leaders Lorina Limonade Golfe du Morbihan must finish ahead of second-place rivals Beijaflore to clinch the championship title of the Tour Voile 2018. Beijaflore, on the other hand, must finish at least two places ahead of Lorina Limonade in order to recoup the four-point delta between them and take the top spot on the podium this evening.

Quentin Delapierre, skipper of Lorina Limonade recognises that today’s challenge will be above all a psychological one: “We’re going to face it calmly, completing our morning routines well to try to keep our minds as clear as possible and then just sail.”

Behind the top three boats a spirited scrap for a place in the top five will feature #SailingArabia (skippers Stevie Morrison and Thierry Douillard), Lorina Mojito Golfe du Morbihan (skippers Solune Robert and Riwan Perron) and Cheminées Poujoulat (skipper Bernard Stamm), all close on points and all in with a chance of claiming fourth or fifth place.

The Super Final is due to kick off at 2.30 p.m. when a light south-easterly breeze should have filled in to around 5-7 knots.

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