From the Farr 30 to the M34, Bertrand Pacé wins eight times
The Mumm 30, very critiqued at the beginning, quickly became the sailors' favourite boat though, starting with the great Bertand Pacé. The native from Dunkirk won his first TFV in 1979 onboard his city's boat, when he wasn't even 18, and won again three decades later, his seventh victory. The successor of the Mumm 30, the M34 boat built by the Archambault boatyard didn't stop him - Pacé also won the first race sailed in M34, his eighth victory.

The M34 is a "made in France" product. Since 2011, it is the first one-design in the history of the event to be equipped with a lift keel and a bulb.

  • Boatyard: Archambault
  • Designer: Bernard Nivelt, Michel Joubert et Alexandre Mercier
  • Year of introduction: 2010
  • Hull length: 10,34 m
  • Hull beam: 2,98 m
  • Draught: 2,5 m

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