From the Ecume de Mer to the First 30: le Tour is launched
Brest and Marseille were leading the race on the water. Without a shore crew, the Southern guys would sleep onboard and keep their trophies under their berths before winning in Menton. The Tour de France à la Voile is launched. Bernard Decré immediately ordered 25 First 30 to the Bénéteau boatyard and stopped the crossing of the Midi channel.

Elected Boat of the Year 1978, the First 30 replaced the Ecume boats for the second edition of the Tour in 1979.

  • Boatyard : Bénéteau
  • Designer : André Mauric
  • Year of introduction : 1977
  • Hull length : 8,8 m
  • Hull beam : 2,86 m
  • Draught : 1,73 m

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