08h00 Opening of "La Base"
09h00 Briefing Skippers

The boats leave the Paddock

Starting Protocol on "Le Spot"

10h00-11h00 Training races
11h30 Starting signal of the races of Nautical Stadium

Phases of qualification (regular information on the races)

Live following of the races from "La Zone Spectateurs"

15h00-16h15 Finale of the day of Nautical Stadium
16h45 Winner Protocol on "Le Spot"
19h00 Closing of "La Base"


Host city


Take the time to Discover the Story of Fécamp

A Town Takes Shape

Framed on each side by the highest cliffs in Normandy, Fécamp developed in a river valley. Although the development of the maritime area started before the French Revolution, it really expanded in the 19th century.

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