08h45 Opening of "La Base"
09h45 Briefing Skippers

The boats leave the Paddock

Starting Protocol on "Le Spot"

11h30 Starting signal of the races in Nautical Stadium

Phases of qualification (regular information on the races)

Live following of the races from "La Zone Spectateurs"

15h00-16h15 Finale of the day of Nautical Stadium
16h45 Winner Protocol on "Le Spot"
19h00 Closing of "La Base"


Host city


The urban community of Dunkirk as the Big Start!

The territory of Dunkirk, one of the largest cargo ports in France, is totally turned towards the sea and the world.

It has two major nautical stations: the Dunes of Flanders and Gravelines. With 15 kilometers of sea front, all nautical activities can be practiced: sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sand yachting ... with a view on the superb protected sand dunes.

Many marinas offer more than a hundred spots in the city center docks or with direct access to the sea between Dunkirk and Gravelines.

Sailing competition plays also an important role since young seasoned sailors can join "Voile Ambition Dunkerque", pole of excellence supported by the Dunkirk Urban Community, the French Sailing Federation, the Dunes of Flanders and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Sailing League. Thus, a young crew 100% trained in Dunkirk will line up at the start of the Tour Voile which will be held at the...

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