Coastal Conundrum off Barneville-Carteret

July 12 th 2018 - 09:34

An early start in Barneville-Carteret for the start of Act 3 of this 41st Tour Voile and the 26 crews going afloat know that this will be a long and complicated day. 

The forecast is for only light breezes and the race area for this second Coastal Race of the 17 day Tour is very tidal. Indeed it looks like from a strategic point of view success will be much more about how the current is dealt with over the 46 NMs course. And the race committee have set contingencies in place to alter or shorten the course should the breeze prove uncooperative.

Dieppe proved to be where gaps started to open at the top of the leaderboard. Beijaflore have lead since the second day and have won on three days of competition so far. On Dieppe’s coastal race their prodigious navigation/offshore/meteo talent Julien Villion lead a bold call – staying offshore in the expectation the breeze would fill – and that proved conclusive. And while Beijaflore won both disciplines in Dieppe their main rivals faltered in one sense or another. Lorina Limonade-Golfe du Morbihan were BFD in the Stade Nautique final, Team Réseau IXIO missed the final as did #sailingarabia. So over the next couple of days here they need at least to be chipping away at Biejaflore’s lead. And there are teams like and Team France Jeune who are on the up.

The course takes the fleet from the 1130hrs start time across the Passage de la Deroute which is named after a famous naval battle to turn at the NE corner of Jersey. In the middle of the course area there are the Plateau des Trois Grunes rocks. These are passed to the north, to port, on the outbound track and to starboard, to their south, on the way back. And the tidal range is one of the biggest in the world, around 10 metres today. High water this morning was at 0726h and low water is about 1415h. Winds are forecast to be variable initially from the N and then becoming NNE at around 5-10kts but Richard Silvani of Meteo Frances suggest the models are not very reliable right now. 

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