A Dependable Powerhouse on #sailingarabia

July 11 th 2018 - 18:39

Even among the Tour Voile veterans #sailingarabia’s Ali Al Balushi is one of the most experienced. As one of the first selections to Oman Sail this is the talismanic Omani’s eighth Tour Voile and he wants nothing more than to win the Tour. That is his life’s ambition. Considering he was previously a footballer who took to sailing on a Hobie cat once with his friend – who is now boatbuilder and preparateur with Oman Air on the GC32 tour – he has come a long way.

This will hopefully not be last Tour for me. My goal is to win the Tour but right now there are many good teams around. I did the offshore stuff before but here now there is a lot more stuff to do, like today travelling and building up the boats. I like it all.

I did my first tour in 2010 on the Farr 30 with Rob Greenhalgh and Cedric Pouligny. That was such a good experience. I was completely new in Europe and did not know what to expect but since then I have worked to get better all the time. I learn so much from the top guys and hope to be able to pass it on the young generation of Omani you sailors.” Says Ali.”To have a second team this time is great and shows how we are growing and developing.

Over the years I have done the MOD70, the Extreme 40, M34, Farr 30, J/80, J/70. In the future I would like to get experience on the Class 40. It would be good for me. I would like to try different boats.

But meantime it might be his impartiality which will be challenged most, sitting between the French sailors on the Oman team and England’s Morrison. Come Sunday if there is a France v England world cup final? “I don’t mind who wins, as long as it is the best team.”

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