Dieppe is making its return to the Tour Voile and the Diams 24 boats will sail past the feet of the legendary Albâtre coast cliffs during the nautical stadia regattas and coastal races.

09h00 Opening of “La Base”
10h00 Briefing Skippers
10h30-11h30 The boats leave the Paddock
12h00-13h00 Training Races
13h30 Starting signal of the Coastal Race
13h30-17h30 Live Following of the Races from the Spectator Area
17h00-17h30 Comeback of the Teams
17h30 Winner Podium on “Le Spot”
19h00 Closing of “La Base”

*Due to weather and sporting conditions, this schedule can be subject to modifications.

Host city


Dieppe, the town with 4 ports

Located two hours away from Paris, Dieppe is one of the most well-known seaside resorts of the Alabaster Coast.

The fashion for sea bathing was first introduced in Dieppe, the oldest seaside resort in France. Facing the Channel, visitors can immerse themselves in the maritime atmosphere of the town: seagulls circling above the town, the salty tang of the sea filling the air, fishermen selling their catch, kites brightening up the seafront promenade and the beach, restaurants' kitchens tickling the taste buds…

With one of the busiest ports in Normandy, the sea is part of the town's life. Fish from Dieppe has always been sought-after, hence the motto "Poisson dieppois, Poisson de choix!" (Fish from Dieppe, top quality fish). And Dieppe is still today the first French port for scallops. Scallops are therefore naturally given pride of place in many of the town's restaurants. Served as Norman carpaccio or in many...

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